Important Information For Realtors® Not Wanting To Be Left Behind…Realtor Marketing

farming-postcardsThe shift is happening as predicted in the real estate market and short sales are becoming lower and lower percentages of the total home sales every month. What’s your plan for making that shift if you are/were in a short sale, distressed property market? If you’ve been marketing yourself like you’re supposed to be, you’ve likely presented yourself as a short sale expert, CDPE, bank negotiation extraordinaire, etc., and you’re likely great at all those things. Here’s the problem….homeowners with a traditional sale aren’t looking for a short sale expert. They have an investment they wish to protect, they want access to the equity from their home so they move on.

If you put yourself in the shoes of the homeowner in a traditional sale wanting and looking for the best representation, they aren’t looking for a liquidation, take what they can get, “cash for keys” get out while they still can type of sale. The person with the traditional sale wants to work with someone who will protect their real estate investments, a real estate investment consultant. They are two very different skill-sets and if you’re a career Realtor, you’re like quite proficient at both. Some people may draw the comparison of being a short sale expert to contacting a bankruptcy attorney when you’re in financial trouble. Both are equally important to the person in need, but come with different expertise.

Don’t pigeon hole yourself by not being aware of the change and the priority to shift your marketing strategies as the public’s need for representation changes. I watched so many of my friends struggle to stay a float, many of them unable to sustain their real estate careers/ businesses when short sales became “the norm” and they resisted change. Don’t let that happen to you.

As the owner of a real estate print marketing company who pays very close attention to “Realtor Marketing” and all details of our website traffic, the keywords people are searching, what’s being ordered, changes in business cards, etc. etc. We see it …literally “hot off the press” and within a couple of days can predict a trend coming. It’s such a unique view of the real estate market I could have never imagined I’d have. I am telling you to prepare yourself for the gradual but quick shift, if it hasn’t already happened in your market, it will. Shift your marketing slowly as the market shifts or get left behind.

It’s time to begin to marketing yourself for your expertise in getting top dollar, protecting a client’s equity, being an area specialist, full-time, an excellent negotiator, etc. , the shift isn’t coming…IT’S HERE!

PrinterBees has hundreds of real estate marketing postcards for any type of farming you can think of and whether you choose to work with PrinterBees or any other printing company, it’s time to shift!