How to Use Hashtags In Social Media

Using Hashtags in Social Media

The hashtag can either take you where you want to go, or where you don’t belong, depending on how you use it.

The hashtag has perplexed many seasoned marketers for years. So if you’re not sure how to use one correctly, don’t feel bad.

To make sure you’re #not #over #doing #it, here’s a few tips.

How Do I Know Which Hashtags to Use?

Let’s keep things simple. Essentially, every post you send should do one of 3 things: to entertain, to educate, or to promote. If your post can’t do any of these 3 things, there’s no point in sending it.

Here’s how to find the right hashtags for each:

These posts show off your personality, and help you grow your reach. More people will add you when they see you offer more than house listings. You have jokes or insights. So for this, you’ll want to use any of the web’s many tools to find a trending hashtag, and join the conversation. Ben Sailer does an amazing job of explaining how to find the best hashtags in this article.

See what’s trending. Some trends are somewhat related to real estate, jump on those. But many of the trends will not be related to real estate, and that’s OK. You’re not trying to sell right now.

BUT. Don’t poke your nose in where it doesn’t belong, just because something is popular. If you don’t know anything about sports, don’t jump on the #FinalFour bandwagon. You will come off desperate.

You’re establishing yourself as an expert with an insightful post, or link to a blog. You’re going to want to cast a more specific net, so try using any of the great hashtags that Nancy Robbers has listed here. This is the best way to find an audience with people who are looking to read about what you’re writing.

Hopefully, this isn’t the only thing you do. If it is, we have many more blogs for you to read.

When you’re promoting an open house or new listing, be sure to make sure you hashtag your city’s name first. Or neighborhood or area if it’s big enough.

Real Estate “Ninja,” Sepy Bazzazi reminds us that, “Hashtags are important to real estate agents because they give you a direct line into your community. A place where you can build your brand through a series of pleasant interactions with other community members and leaders.”

But you will also want to add some applicable gems like the ones found on this list. Hashtags like these help you tap into the buyers/sellers and their experiences: #dreamhome #houseportrait #houseportrait_sunday #milliondollarlisting #oldhousecharm  #firsthometogether #homeownerfun #savingforahouse.

How Do I Use Hashtags in Social Media?

It’s a tightrope. You want to take full advantage of them, but you certainly don’t want to overdo it and annoy people.

Here’s how many you will want to use on each social media site:

  • Facebook: 1
  • Twitter: 2-4
  • Instagram: 11

The important thing is to do your research for current hashtags, and choose specific hashtags for specific purposes. Using #realestate is too broad to sell a house, but it may get your blog about how to win a bidding war more exposure.

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