Still stuck for marketing ideas – Fastest . Easiest . Cheapest

EDDM Postcard Printer, EDDM templateFiguring out a marketing plan can seem and feel overwhelming when you don’t really know where to start, what you should be focused on and more importantly what will actually work. There’s so many different options, and finding the one that suits you and your business will impact how well you execute on your plans.  Executing on your plan, being the key ingredient.   Set yourself up for marketing success by committing to a marketing plan you know you have the ability to follow-through on.  Example: If you aren’t the Internet/”techy” type and intimidated by Internet marketing Facebook, blogging and Twitter may not be the best choice for you.  If committing to market updates or monthly newsletters will stress you out and cause anxiety, avoid it by choosing a method that works for your personality and work habits.  I’m the blogging “techy” type, so I commit myself to that method of marketing and it works because I don’t hate doing it, so I’m pretty consistent.

One of the best, easiest and simple methods of marketing continues to be the same method that has works for as far back as anyone can remember, farming.  Neighborhood farming continues to be a great method of marketing, because it works and Realtors(R) who do it consistently get results.  Many real estate agents who are looking to get serious about their marketing and committing to farming in the new year are using a program by the United States Postal Service called Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) to lower marketing costs while increasing marketing efforts. You read that right, they’re lowering marketing costs AND increasing marketing efforts! Here’s how…

The USPS has rolled out a program called Every Door Direct Mail EDDM that has a postage rate of .16 cents per piece. The new program requires no addressing or databases, there’s no need for a bulk permit and you can mail as few as 200 pieces to the neighborhoods you wish to target. It’s almost as if someone at the Postal Service wanted to help Realtors(R) get back to farming and back-to-basics to help the real estate market rebound and we owe that “fine person” a HUGE THANKS!  This program is everything Realtors have ever wanted and needed to effectively farm a neighborhood, any neighborhood on a map!  Even apartments!

We’ve created a download to give you everything you need to know about EDDM and why you need to be participating in this great program. Learn how to choose neighborhoods on the USPS website, how to set-up your on-line account and the easy steps to preparing your mailing. It’s everything you need to know.

The screen shot below shows how easy it is to farm by neighborhood/carrier route!  Choose a neighborhood on a map, prepare and drop off your marketing postcards at the post office, the mail carrier will drop off your marketing pieces as they deliver to the neighborhood! You’re not dreaming, it’s true, it’s easy and it costs less than $30 in postage to saturate a neighborhood of 200!

PrinterBees does EDDM Printing (The real estate marketing company) is helping many Realtors kick off and manage their EDDM marketing campaigns and can assist you as well. PrinterBees will walk you through the process, make sure your marketing materials are printed according to the USPS EDDM requirements and get you on track to great rest estate marketing that’s affordable and effective. – 877-939-2337.