How Real Estate Websites Get Noticed – Rise Above the Competition

Real Estate Websites - Rise Above

Google “Your area + Realtor®”… Are you the only one to come up? We didn’t think so. Are you on the first page to come up? If not, we can help.

There has never been a bigger need to own your area’s webspace, because there has never been more competition. But the good news is, not everyone knows how to properly cultivate a web presence. So rising above the competition will be a whole lot easier once you read this article.

Here are 4 things you need to do to rise above the pack.

Put a Keyword in Your Real Estate Website’s URL

Let’s start with your website’s URL. You may be tempted to use your name, because it’s simple. That’s logical, but wrong.

“Odds are users are googling local terms to find services like yours, and not your name. Many agents make the mistake of getting a domain that showcases their name, but miss a great SEO opportunity to get traffic by using search terms in their domain name,” said content strategist, Sandra Manzanares.

So instead of, go for something like

Monitor Rival Real Estate Websites

There are actually a lot of tools out there that will help you spy on the other guys. There’s no shame in doing this. Actually, it’s irresponsible not to.

See what types of content they’re publishing and see how it performs. This can give you a great idea of the types of things you should be doing, or the things to avoid completely.

Of course, always stay original. But stay on top of what they’re doing, so you don’t miss any opportunities.

Use Google Adwords

You may be putting this one off because you think this will take too much time and money. It’s true, this will take time and money. But, if you devote a little bit now, you can have a well-defined Adwords strategy in place in a few months. You don’t have to beat everyone right away. You just need enough growth to invest in yourself and your success.

“Yes, you won’t do as well as those who have the wherewithal to spend vast amounts of money on their AdWords campaigns,” wrote inbound marketing expert, Matthew Bushery.

“Over time, though, as you learn the ropes and gain a greater understand of the types of keywords that create the most traffic and leads, you’ll grow your business and, in turn, be able to allocate more ad spend to AdWords.”

Stay on Top of the News and React

Is something making real estate headlines? You can piggyback on its traction in the news, while defining yourself as the expert.

This is called “newsjacking.” There is always something real estate related in the news– it could be new by-laws, or market shifts. It’s great to be the first one to react. But you need to be the first one to publish a meaningful response. Or you need to be the first to position your reaction in a way that makes people want to click it.

Complicated changes to real estate rules/ laws? Publish a piece that puts them in plain English. New stats about the market? Tell the readers exactly what that will mean for their asking/ closing price.

Everyone has a website, but not everyone is doing these things. Most Realtors® put their name in their URL, instead of their area. At the same time, most will also get so caught up in their own site, they ignore what everyone else is doing. Or they may feel they don’t have time to look into Google Adwords, or blog about current trends. That’s great news for you. Because these are the building blocks you need to create an effective web presence.

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