How a campaign of 250 people can change everything for 2012

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As a Realtor trying to flourish in this market, your likely continually mulling ideas over in your mind on how to increase business/revenue and in this economy, how to do it for as little as possible! Right? There are the obvious outlets like Facebook and Twitter to promote your business that are free , BUT how do you get people to those outlets? Prospects and past clients must like or follow you for those outlets to be effective. That’s where some consistent print marketing can make a huge difference in your social marketing results.

If you were to do a simple marketing campaign with 250 postcards each month and you mailed them to a very specific group of people for a year, what kind of results do you think you might get? Is it any accident that the businesses you see thriving around you are the ones who are marketed consistently? I see it as a perfect example of effective marketing when I receive print marketing materials from a Realtor consistently AND see a business thriving in my neighborhood. It’s pretty rare to see a Realtor flailing or leaving the business an abruptly when you see consistent stream of marketing materials from them in your mailbox.

Please Respond: What are your thoughts on that?

If your a Realtor, 250 postcards to a neighborhood you farm would yield results, if it was consistently executed. Don’t you agree? It’s pretty affordable to farm, when you mail at a bulk rate. The minimum for bulk rate mailings is 250, and the postage gets down in to the .24 per piece in certain cases. It’s definitely worth looking into for real estate marketing. Postcard marketing works, that’s why so many successful Realtors do it.

Consider this: What if your farming postcards included incentives to “Like” your Facebook page for “Follow” your twitter feed? Both in the form of a QR Code so that they can easily be scanned and “liked” or scanned and “followed”. You’d be driving the people your marketing to, to the media outlets that are free allowing you to increase your marketing reach while keeping costs down. As you grow your fan/follow base you can reduce print marketing accordingly. Maybe move to a bi-monthly instead of monthly. Use the savings to invest in expanding your farm or adding another.

Quick Tip: The easier you make it for people to do what you want them to do, the more likely they will be to do it. QR Codes make it so simple to direct people where you want them to go with your marketing. I’m a huge fan!

Any marketing campaign executed consistently will yield results when marketed to the right audience. The cost to execute a marketing campaign like this is very affordable and having a company like PrinterBees handle it, takes the burden off of you to execute. If you’ve read the book E-Myth (which I HIGHLY recommend), you understand that some things are best handled by someone else. Marketing is often times one of those things. While I still get to enjoy blogging, researching and doing what I do, I had to leave the marketing to someone else in my business. It’s a better use of time and frankly, they are much better at it! :-)

Anyway…what got me started on this rant was my noticing that many of our frequent visitors haven’t yet entered the Marketing Give Away where you win 250 free marketing postcards every month. It’s worth over $1000 in postcard marketing and it’s an amazing opportunity for a Realtor to make some great traction in a targeted farm. I’d love to see more of you entered to win. It’s a great opportunity to make a serious difference in your business. Don’t you think?

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