FACT: Home Warranties Help Homes Sell Faster | The Secrets I Share With Friends…

Real Estate Marketing Tips Including a home warranty as part of your marketing plan increases the chances of your listing selling faster, therefore increasing the selling price.  As all listing agents know, the faster a home goes in to contract, the higher the selling price.  It doesn’t take long for a new listing to become “stale” to the people actively looking at the time the home is listed for sale.  No agent wants their listing to sit “unsold,” adding a home warranty to your marketing could be the one thing that helps your listings get in to contract quicker!

A new report released by the Service Contract Industry Council (SCIC) shows that homes covered by a home warranty sell faster, 11 days faster, on average.

According to the news release “Purchasing a home is a significant investment and can create tremendous anxiety. Fortunately, because home warranties can be transferred to the new owner, buyers are finding that the extra protection of a service contract can ease this apprehension,” said Tim Meenan, SCIC executive director. “Home buyers understand that when it’s time to sell in the future, the home will have an increased resale value.”

It’s a conversation Realtors® should be having with their clients during the listing appointment, especially with the cold hard facts provided by the SCIC.

I recently purchased a new/used car and was pretty specific about wanting to purchase a car that was “Certified Used.”  I wanted to know that no matter what happened after I drove the car off the lot, I was covered and wouldn’t have additional expense I wasn’t prepared for.  The same holds true with a home, with the exception of the house usually being waaaaay more costly to repair.

Sellers are enjoying higher selling prices and buyers feel better about their investment in a new home being protected by the home warranty. It’s a win/win situation! The inclusion of a home warranty brings comfort to the buyer knowing they can get anything that breaks down fixed without incurring significant financial burden, especially when it’s a costly repair, like an air conditioner unit or heating furnace.  If your client is including a home warranty, make sure it’s part of the marketing plan so potential buyers know the service contract is part of the deal before they even walk in the front door.  It’s like shopping for a “Certified Used” house, warranty included.


Source: PR News Wire