Friends Don’t Let Friends Use Bad Business Cards

Customized Real Estate Business Cards

Have you ever seen a business card that makes you cringe? I certainly have. From ridiculous head shots to bland black-and-white business cards, there are a lot of ways to make a bad impression.

It’s really unfortunate, too, because business cards – done right – can make a tremendous impact. When your business card stands out for the right reasons, it can help you get noticed and stay top of mind for prospects and customers.

The Problem With Bad Business Cards

As everyone knows in this era of social media, it’s easy to get attention. However, there’s good attention and bad attention. A ridiculous business card can end up online in an article about poor headshots, and make you a laughingstock as an agent. Certainly that’s not the kind of attention anyone wants.

Or, a poorly designed business card can bring out all the wrong emotions – colors can seem either bland or overdone, and the overall vibe can be very unprofessional. Your layout can seem chaotic and cause someone to choose another Realtor® over you. Worst of all, you could lose a client on the spot by handing them a home-printed flimsy business card.

Finally, there’s another problem – not getting any attention. A bland business card – or a business card with a similar design to everyone else – will definitely not stand out. It will be lost in a sea of sameness, and someone else will get the listing or buyer contract.

The Solution – Customized, Affordable Business Cards

Many Realtors® believe they can’t afford customized cards. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Printerbees offers customized real estate business cards at a very affordable rate.

In fact, to make it even better, we have a special Cyber Weekend deal to coincide with Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I hope you’re able to take advantage of it, it’s a heck of a deal!

  • 1000 for $49.99 (A new card created from hundreds of templates, $10 add for double-sided)
  • REORDERS: 1000 business for $39.99 ($5 add for minor changes, $10 add for double-sided)

Coupon code is: CyberWeekend15

The quality is top notch, with thick paper stock, and every card is set up by a professional graphics designer. It’s an all-inclusive price ….don’t miss out! With professionally designed custom business cards, you’ll be able to make the right impression. Now is a great time to get fresh business cards as we prepare for the new year!

Remember, friends don’t let friends use bad business cards!

How do you make sure your business cards stand out? Share in the comments!