Real Estate Marketing Ideas For 2014 In A Recovering Market

All the great news about falling delinquencies and lower foreclosure rates is forcing a lot of Realtors® to revisit and redirect their real estate marketing from foreclosure marketing to more traditional real estate farming methods. Real Estate Marketing Ideas are in hot demand as we head in to the new year and a new market with unemployment rates at a five year low.  Things are looking up, people are moving again and now it’s just a matter of grabbing a piece of the real estate market happenings, which takes great marketing.

States like Florida, New York, Michigan, Texas and Georgia still have larger inventories of distressed properties, but states like California, which made up for 46,000 foreclosures in the last 12 months are recovering quickly as the economy changes and shifts.  Realtors® who built successful businesses and business brands selling REO’s and distressed properties are needing to shift and shift quickly from “distressed property experts” to “marketing agents” who know how to market a home and attract a lot of buyers.  Sellers aren’t as interested in “getting out” from underneath their homes that were sinking in value as they are in getting to their equity,  equity they didn’t have access to just 12 months ago.

For Realtors® to effectively make this transition, they need to make the transition to showing and touting their expertise in protecting equity, getting multiple offers and having a great marketing plan as part of their listing presentation and ongoing marketing.  Realtors® who have experienced all kinds of markets because they’ve been around so long, should talk about and market themselves as experienced in assisting home sellers and buyers as an expert in any market, no matter what it brings.  Where the markets are still shifting from distressed to equity sales, the marketing should be about the rebounding markets and your ability to educate buyers and sellers how to take advantage of the market of the moment.

For agents struggling with how to get that marketing message across, take the time to make a list of your greatest assets to the client if they were to hire you to represent them.  List as many of your qualities as a Realtor® as you can come up with and then narrow the list down to what’s most important to the client and your ability to serve them.  Why is it in their best interest to pick you over other agents in the area?  Once you have your list narrowed down, create a list of bullet points to include on your marketing, using as few words as possible.  Your marketing has about 2-3 seconds to grab the attention of the person receiving it, so whatever it is you have to offer potential clients needs to be clear and in as few words as possible.  Less is always more in marketing.

Your marketing efforts and messaging will impact the type of clients you attract, so make sure it’s meaningful and directed at the right market, the market of the moment.

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