Flood of foreclosures and short sales coming- Are You Ready?

Get The Word Out About Your Short Sale Marketing Expertise

“RT @OPlaw: Flood of foreclosures to hit housing market. Are you ready?”  This tweet from @REmarketingGuru made me want to remind you that more and more people will be forced to short sale to avoid foreclosure and you have the list of lenders who will be forcing their hand to sell or get out. Talk about a targeted list of prospects! There’s a lot of opportunity out there for the real estate agents who have been preparing with consistent real estate marketing and want to help people avoid foreclosure.

There’s still time even if you’re late to the marketing party. As the local real estate and short sale expert you have the opportunity to educate homeowners who haven’t been paying their mortgages about what’s coming, before it blindsides them. There comes a point when people simply stop opening mail from their lender, those letters certainly don’t contain any good news. How will those people know what’s coming?

I encourage you to get out there and market yourself, build a name for yourself as the real estate agent who helps people negotiate a favorable short sale transactions with their lenders. How else will people find you?

Methods of marketing to help get yourself “out there”:

  • Social media marketing like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Your blog site, if you have one. If you don’t have a blog, you need one, it’s necessary in the year 2012
  • Postcard marketing is a very effective form of short sale marketing, simply because there is no competition in the mailbox. postcard marketing to a targeted list provides even better opportunity.
  • Offering free reports about your short sale negotiating expertise is a great way to develop qualified leads.
  • Short sale door hangers are another great means of meeting people and marketing.
  • Offering informational seminars at your local library. Libraries typically do not charge a fee to use their meeting rooms when the information being offered is free and educational.
  • Providing informational webinars allows people to remain anonymous with their housing situation.
  • Recorded webinars or interviews allow you to market your services while not even present.
  • Using QR codes on your postcards to direct people to videos, downloads or other free information

The opportunities are endless.

There’s so many different means to marketing your real estate business, the question is… Are you committed to doing it or delegating it to somebody else who can keep you committed and consistent?  It’s no accident real estate agents who market themselves are typically consistent with their business.

If you’re marketing your short sale services, what’s worked best for you? If you’re not marketing, what’s getting in the way? Maybe we can help. :-)

Looking forward to reading what your challenges and success are, please post them.