Facebook Marketing + Direct Contact = Incredible Success

Facebook for Realtors

A great Realtor® is someone you cannot wait to recommend. They’ve done such an amazing job of making you feel looked after, you want all your friends and family to have the same experience.

I met one such Realtor® in Mark Deacon. I had already worked with 7 other Realtors before I met Mark at an open house, and it didn’t take him long to show me the difference between a good Realtor® and a GREAT one. Within 24 hours of meeting him, he got in touch with me and had already identified some homes on the market for me.

There is always a place for these face-to-face first encounters in the world of real estate, but that’s not even his specialty. Mark’s bread-and-butter is Facebook direct response marketing, which has elevated his business in just a few years.

Let’s take a look at his winning approach!

What is Facebook Direct Response Marketing?

Direct response marketing on Facebook is a type of marketing that invites prospects to respond immediately to your ad, often by offering something valuable in return. That’s a bit vague, so let’s use Mark’s process to illustrate how it works.

Mark’s first goal is to get a lead’s contact information. The important part is that he doesn’t just ask for it. He gives people a reason to give it to him by offering a report or checklist the prospect will find valuable.

Mark describes the approach as, “Putting yourself in the prospect’s mind to give them what they want, offering them free reports and that type of thing.”

“Get them to sign up for something they want, and then they get it, and you have a good reason to follow up with them.”

How to Make Facebook Direct Response Marketing Work

There are two key components. The first is to provide actual value to your leads, so they don’t have concerns about giving you their contact information. They’re willing to give it to you in exchange for something they find valuable.

Mark was able to do exactly this. Last year, he locked into a niche market and ran a Facebook ad that gave his prospects information about something they may not have already known about. By giving this value, he was able to attribute 20 sales directly to that Facebook ad, for an investment of about $15.00 per day

The second crucial element is follow-up. Mark and his team are sticklers for the good old fashion phone call for a follow up. He finds this much more personal and effective than trying to sell through email.

A lead will sign up for his downloadable report, then their contact information is fed into his Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. Next, he has staff both in-house and contracted to be on the phone 8 hours a day, following up with leads and scheduling appointments.

I’m proud to have been Mark’s first close, and it’s been a privilege watch his business really take off. It’s great to see that success hasn’t caused him to forget about the amazing personal service that led me to work with him in the first place. Instead, he’s put that personal approach at the forefront of his marketing, and found new ways to integrate it with Facebook digital marketing. It’s an impressive combination that not many people do.

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