Does marketing really work?

Real Estate Marketing Sign
In today’s mail, the Red Plum Circular came with an advertisement from an orthodontics in town. As it happens, I’m in the market for braces for my 13-year-old and the ad came at the perfect time! I decided to shop around when the first quote I received for my daughter’s braces was about $6000! Geez, the last time I paid for braces, they were about $4,000. I also thought to myself that because this orthodontics was advertising, they must need my business and may have more reasonable rates. Not sure about the rates, but I can tell you, It’s not even mid-September and I’m unable to get an appointment until October.

They explained that they had such a huge response from their ad they were booking three weeks out. Hello marketing success!

Does advertising really work? Yes it does! Just ask the orthodontist who invested in marketing for his business. There IS one catch with marketing…there’s always a catch…nothing is ever that simple. For marketing to work, it must be constant, consistent, ongoing, never-ending and any other word you can come up with that means you don’t stop marketing yourself. It must be part of your business plan as a Realtor® if you’re planning for a career in real estate. “If you fail to plan, you may be planning to fail”

The harsh reality for Realtors® who refuse to invest in real estate marketing is that most of those Realtors® are “licensed”, but not necessarily in business. I myself currently fall in to that category. I have a real estate license, but I’m not “in business” as a Realtor®, I’m not marketing myself as a Realtor® and therefore have no real estate leads or business. I’m not “out there” marketing my real estate services because that’s not what I do anymore.   I did have active real estate marketing campaigns and enjoyed that aspect of my business so much I turned my passion for marketing to helping  other real estate agents with their marketing.

Currently, I’m consistent with marketing efforts for my real estate marketing company and have seen incredible results due to consistency. We remind people all the time through different marketing mediums “When you think printing… think PrinterBees“.

One of my constant reminders to business owners is that businesses starve without marketing, consistent and ongoing marketing is the food that feeds you and your business. If you’re not consistently marketing yourself, where are you finding new or repeat customers? What would happen in your business if you did start consistently marketing yourself?

Everyone has to start somewhere and it’s never too late to get started, downloading our free e-book Real Estate Marketing, The Secrets I Share With Friends will help you decide where to begin.  It will also start your free subscription to this magazine to make sure you’re staying educated on marketing and feeding your business. It really is inspired and filled with the secrets I share with my friends.