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Getting Started in Real Estate Marketing: Email Marketing

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Real Estate Email Marketing

Email marketing is another great weapon in your real estate marketing toolkit. It’s a crowded space, but with the right approach, you can stand out.

When your emails are consistently opened and read, it can do wonders for your business! Read on to discover how to maximize the impact of email in your marketing.

You Need a CRM

A CRM is email software that allows you to send bulk emails and manage your email campaigns. Yes, you can send an email to multiple folks from your regular email account. But most email providers have rules against sending marketing email from a normal email account.

Breaking the rules can get your entire account shut down, which can be devastating for your business.

Instead, choose an email service provider like ConvertKit to get started. Once you have a larger list and need more sophisticated email marketing, you can move up to a service like Infusionsoft.

By using the right software, you get better marketing capabilities and stay within the rules of email providers.

Build Your List

Just like cold calling, you can buy a list of email addresses and send them marketing information. However, that’s not likely to give you the best results.

Instead, build your list by attracting folks who are interested in what you’re doing and what you have to say. Here are some ideas:

  • Create a valuable freebie that you give away when folks sign up, like a list of family-friendly activities for each season.
  • Collect emails as part of a contest or raffle at a local event or fundraiser
  • Invite people to sign up for your email list as you build your social media following
  • Provide a high-quality monthly email newsletter filled with information about your town, target neighborhood, real estate market, and more
  • Include your email address on postcards, business cards, and other marketing materials

Implement Your Strategy

As with all marketing, consistency, and predictability is key. You may be concerned that people will unsubscribe if you email too often. The truth is, if you set up an expectation and stick to it, you’ll do well no matter how often you email.

You’ll want to create a schedule so that you can mix informational emails with sales outreaches. Here’s one idea:

  • Week 1: Helpful seasonal tip for homeowners, invitation to contact me
  • Week 2: Customer testimonial, invitation to contact me
  • Week 3: Inspirational content, invitation to refer friends/family to me
  • Week 4: Highlight a current listing (pure sales), invitation to contact me for showing

You’re sending an email every week, but only one of them is entirely sales. The rest have engaging content with a simple call-to-action inviting the reader to do more.

When you create a list of people who are excited about what you have to say, and email them consistently with high-quality information, you’ll get great returns from your email marketing.

When you mix email marketing with direct mail, social media, and more, you’ll be unstoppable!

What questions do you have about email marketing? Ask us in the comments!

Is Your Email Address Selling You Short?

Email Addresses for Realtors®

Do you know that your email address can help you – or hurt you? We have so many choices regarding how and where to create email accounts, but when you are in business you have to follow some key strategies. Here are some ways to make sure your email address is an asset, and not a liability.

Don’t Use the Wrong @ Ending

Is your email address still based on your email provider? If you are using an,, (yes, there are some),,, or anything along that line, change it today!

As a professional, you want your email address to be That’s it. Anything else makes you look like an amateur, and that’s definitely not the image you want when helping people with the biggest purchase of their lives!

In addition, if you use or, changes made to the law in 2016 mean that few of your emails will be delivered to customers. You need a proper email service provider for marketing.

Do Use an Email Service Provider

Most personal email accounts, including those you get from your internet provider, include anti-marketing provisions in the fine print. In plain English, this means that you cannot use a personal account to send bulk email.

If you don’t already have an email service provider like MailChimp, Aweber, Infusionsoft, or a similar system, it’s essential to set that up right away. We use Infusionsoft and love it – we highly recommend it to anyone who needs highly customizable email marketing!

Do Use a Professional Email Name

Fortunately, most people know that using some form of their real name is the best way to create a business email address. However, there are those who are still using silly nicknames, childhood jokes, misspellings, or other inappropriate email addresses.

It’s also important not to use spammy sounding email addresses, like or Keep it simple and make it easy for your recipients to know who they are receiving an email from. Use your name as the first portion of your email address.

Finally, don’t include anyone else in your email address. should be avoided, even for personal use. Since Realtors® market to their circle of influence regularly, even personal email accounts should be professional.

The Right Email Address Helps Boost Your Marketing

Your email address can make the difference between someone working with you and not. If you seem sloppy, amateur, or lazy due to your email address, you’ll lose business and struggle to communicate professionally.

However, the right email address can build your brand. If people see your company’s name each time they interact with you, you are creating awareness and name recognition. When it comes time to choose a real estate agent or give a referral, they won’t have to struggle to remember your real name or the agency you work for. It will be right there, in your email address!

Does your email address or overall marketing need a refresh? Whether you need new business cards or other print marketing, we are here for you. Contact Printerbees today!

Real Estate Email Marketing Best Practices

Email Marketing Best Practices

Email marketing is an effective way to reach out to busy prospects, especially when you combine email marketing with farming, print marketing, and social media outreach.

However, like all marketing approaches, there are good ways to go about email marketing and terrible ways to go about it.

Here are some best practices to follow to make sure that your list welcomes your email marketing and it’s effective for your business.

Get Permission to Add Someone to Your List

Certain rules should be followed when you use email marketing. Using an email service provider (ESP) instead of your personal email address is one. Getting permission to send emails to your prospects is another.

Recently I had someone add me to their email list without asking permission. They found my email address, probably through Printerbees, and decided that was all they needed.

That’s far from the case. You need to make sure that people specifically opt-in and give you permission to contact them. You can gain this approval by offering a free report, a contest, and more. However you do it, it’s important to make sure people choose to receive information from you.

If you add people to your list without their permission, you can receive complaints and your email provider may block you from sending and receiving emails. More than that, it doesn’t do you any good to send information to someone who doesn’t want to hear from you! It certainly won’t make them more likely to do business with you.

Email Frequency is Less Important Than Consistency

When Realtors® start working with email marketing, many are concerned about how often they should email their prospects. You want to be front-of-mind, but you don’t want to be annoying.

What you may be surprised to know is that how often you email is far less important than setting an expectation and sticking to it. Consistent daily emails will get fewer complaints and unsubscribes than inconsistent weekly emails.

Of course, each email needs to provide high-quality, useful, engaging information. If you don’t have enough to say every day, focus on providing weekly or twice-monthly emails loaded with value.

Mix Helpful Real Estate News with Sales

When you produce marketing emails, it’s vital to strike a balance between sales and providing useful information.

If you only provide valuable information but never tell prospects to contact you, you won’t gain clients from your efforts. On the other hand, if you’re nothing but a self-promoter, people won’t be interested in reading your emails for very long.

You might consider setting up a schedule that varies your content while also letting you know what you’re going to send. This way you don’t have to come up with ideas from scratch each time. Here is a sample for once-a-week email marketing:

  • Week 1: Helpful seasonal tip for homeowners, invitation to contact me
  • Week 2: Customer testimonial, invitation to contact me
  • Week 3: Inspirational content, invitation to refer friends/family to me
  • Week 4: Highlight a current listing (pure sales), invitation to contact me for showing

As you can see, every email includes an invitation to be in touch with you if they are looking to buy or sell a home. However, only one of the four is purely a sales email. This gives you a good mix of value and promotion.

Email marketing is an important part of your overall marketing mix. When you use email in addition to farming postcards, just listed and just sold postcards, door knocking, and more, you’ll increase your chances to reach prospects.

Just be sure to do your email marketing correctly, so your readers welcome it!

What to Send: Real Estate Email Marketing

Real Estate Email Marketing - What to Send

You’ve probably heard that you need to have an email list to effectively market your real estate business. However, if you’re like many Realtors®, you have very little idea what to actually send out.

Fortunately, we can help. There are three kinds of emails that can help create engagement with your email list, building your relationship with each lead and helping them be receptive to your offers.

Consider putting at least one of these email types out to your list on a regular basis, and see how much your open rates and engagement improve!


Newsletters can get a bad rap because sometimes they’re thrown together and don’t have much in the way of quality content. Make sure your newsletter breaks the stereotype.

Consider sharing the following valuable information in your e-newsletter:

  • Latest posts from your blog
  • A valuable informative paragraph or article if you don’t have a blog
  • Information about new events, businesses, or developments in your target neighborhood
  • One or two useful or informative articles from another website, linked
  • Information about new listings or recent sales you’ve achieved
  • Customer testimonials
  • Pictures from your target neighborhood, or pictures of beautiful homes in the area
  • Something just for fun – a puzzle or comic

One great resource for finding information about your target neighborhood is a locally-focused website, for instance, one maintained by the city or a local association. They often announce the opening of new businesses or local events.


A digest is less comprehensive than a newsletter and requires less original content. Usually, a digest is full of quick-hit, easy-to-digest information. You might consider:

  • Links to a local neighborhood association’s announcement or news
  • Link to updated neighborhood assessment information
  • Links to your own blog posts
  • Links to your listings
  • NAR news reports or updates

Promotional Emails

You want to communicate relevant information, but you also want to promote what you do. You can do this in a way that doesn’t come across as salesy or pushy. Here are some ideas for promotional emails:

  • Regular market updates and recent listings
  • Offering a report about the market conditions in your target neighborhood, with an invitation to call you for a free assessment of their home
  • Running contests that create awareness about your business, create referrals, and drive traffic to social media and your website

Of course, when doing promotions be sure that you’re following the rules of your brokerage and the state real estate association.

What Will You Do?

These three types of emails will give you a good start on how to reach out to your list via email. As with all marketing, being consistent is vital. So what will you do? Share in the comments – I’d love to know!

If you’re ready to update your print marketing to complement your email outreach, we’re here to help. Check out our marketing postcards, business cards, and more!

Real Estate Emails That Make an Impact!

Real Estate Emails That Have an Impact

The other day I got an email from someone who has a very professional website. Their business is all about constructing a professional brand image online. I love their website!

There was one problem. The email was dismal.

It was full of grammatical errors. It was too short. It lacked a point. It gave a sloppy call-to-action that directed me to a blog post that wasn’t even connected to the company.

It did NOT make me want to work with that company.

Is that the impact that your emails have? Do they match up to your professionalism, or do they fall short?

You can create real estate emails that make a real impact and build your business. For every $1 in marketing, email marketing can return $44.25! If you’re not seeing that, consider making these changes.

Use the Right “From” Address

One of the most important aspects of an email is often overlooked – what “from” address shows when you email your list?

If it’s not a personal email that seems to be coming directly from you, you have a major problem. In fact, the “from” address of an email matters more than the subject line. And the subject line is vital!

People aren’t interested in irrelevant email, and an email that comes from a company (, for instance) screams advertising. And an unknown Gmail address seems like spam. Instead, make sure that your name is involved. That way, your recipient knows exactly who is contacting them.

An effective “from” address has these characteristics:

  • Comes from someone the contact knows and trusts (you, not your company)
  • Helps readers find your messages if they get misrouted or put in the junk folder
  • Stands out in a sea of other email addresses

Be Personal and Engaging

Using your customer’s name – without overusing it, of course – is essential to making a connection with your reader. The subject line might say, “-Name-, thought you might enjoy this article” or something equally personal.

In addition, an email should always begin with the prospect’s name. That way, everyone feels like they are hearing directly from you even if the email is automated.

Once you have the personalization, be engaging! Don’t send boring, shop-talk style emails. No one wants to read that. Instead, focus on the following types of email:

  • Q&A: Answer common questions that your prospects have
  • Story-Based: Tell a story about something you encountered and then draw a short applicable lesson from it. The story should be fun – and don’t underestimate how much people want to know the real you!
  • Testimonial: Use a review or testimonial to share a great experience that a client had with you. It helps others want to work with you as well. Be sure to end with “This is why I love what I do”, along with a gentle call-to-action. No need to be too salesy.
  • Drive to a Blog Post. If you have a blog, consider having one email a month that directs people to the blog. That will get readers to your site so they can see your listings and other materials.
  • Having local events can be a great way to share information and get leads. Use your email list to promote any local appreciation or workshop events that you hold.

Be Entertaining

One mistake many Realtors® – and other professionals – make with email marketing is that they think their subscribers want to learn more information.

The truth is, everyone has far too much information. No one wants to learn more! Instead, you need to be as entertaining as you can be. Try to be 80% entertaining and 20% educating. That way, you are getting a point across, but you’re doing it in a really fun way.

Don’t feel like you have to be a professional comedian to entertain. All of us have silly, funny, or even embarrassing things happen in our daily lives that we can share. Those things are often great stories! By sharing a story about yourself, your family, or your business, you can be authentic while also selling your business.

Be Consistent

Are you worried about how often you email? Do you wonder if you email too much? Let me tell you a secret – there’s no magic number. The trick is to be consistent.

If you email once a month – sometimes – but are inconsistent, you’ll get complaints and unsubscribes every time you send an email.

On the other hand, if you set the expectation that you’ll email every week or once a month, and you actually do, you’ll get more engagement, fewer complaints, and fewer drop-offs. It’s not about how often you email. It’s about setting an expectation and being consistent.

Consider varying your emails to make them easier to craft and more predictable for readers. For instance, you could email weekly using a cycle like this:

  • Week 1: Just for Fun
  • Week 2: Testimonial and Ask for Referrals
  • Week 3: Story and Ask for Business
  • Week 4: Drive to a Blog Post

This way, you never wonder what to say next. Your readers will also know what to expect. The consistency will work wonders.

Email marketing is very effective. It just has to be done correctly. It’s also best done in conjunction with regular postcard and mailing campaigns. If you’re ready for your next batch of Just Listed or Just Sold postcards, let us help! We have tons of templates to choose from.

How do you use email marketing? Share in the comments!

New Rules that Affect Email Marketing

New Rules That Affect Email Marketing

One of the most effective marketing strategies for any business – and especially for Realtors® –is email marketing. And with an average ROI of 4,300%, it’s not difficult to see why email marketing is not only successful but also extremely popular.

However, there’s a little thing called DMARC that could really throw a wrench into your email marketing plan.

What is DMARC?

Short for Domain-based Message Authentications, Reporting & Conformance, DMARC is essentially an email protocol which works to determine whether or not an email is authentic. Its main purpose is to put a stop to spam mail – specifically mail that is considered to be a “spoof.”

You’ve likely either seen or fallen victim to “spoofing” at some point if you use email regularly. It’s the method of choice for spammers looking to send fake emails to the inboxes of people all over the world under the guise of a real email.

So for example, you might receive an email from a company that you’ve signed up to receive emails from, but a “spoofer” could actually be sending you fake emails which only appear to be from the original company and in reality are from a spam company looking to steal information or lure you to another website.

DMARC was put in place to stop all of this nonsense and cut back on the amount of spam reaching your inbox on a regular basis. The most common domains used to “spoof” are,, and As a result, emails that come from those domains are specifically targeted.

How Does DMARC Affect Email Marketing?

And while less spam is definitely a good thing, DMARC can be seriously bad for email marketing.


Because it may prevent emails being sent from a Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft or AOL account through an email platform such as MailChimp, Constant Contact or Aweber from reaching the individuals on your email list.

If your return address is listed as being a,, or something similar, chances are that when DMARC takes full effect, individuals on your list with a Gmail, Yahoo, or AOL email address won’t be receiving your emails.

These emails from your marketing system, since they’re not being sent directly from Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, and the like, won’t be authenticated and as such will be treated as spam.


That’s obviously not so great for your email marketing strategy.

Here’s What You Can Do About It…

But don’t fret!

There’s a relatively simple solution to fix this email problem. All you have to do is make sure that you are sending emails to your email list subscribers from an email that uses your business’ own unique domain.

So for example, instead of using for your email address, you should set up an email using your specific business, like

And setting this up is also quite simple. Most hosting companies – like GoDaddy, BlueHost or Network Solutions – also provide email services in conjunction with your website hosting. So if you already have a website set up (which you should!), just check with your hosting company about setting up a unique email address for your real estate business.

With the right email address in place, the only way in which DMARC will really affect you personally is that you should receive less spam in your inbox…which is always a good thing.

Just because the rules are changing doesn’t mean you have to throw in the towel when it comes to email marketing. Protect your marketing plan and set yourself up for email success by complying with the rules – that’s all there is to it!

While you’re updating your email marketing, don’t leave your print marketing out. Updating business cards or marketing postcards with your new email address is vital. Click here to let us help you update today!

How to Use Email Marketing in Real Estate

Email Marketing

Email marketing delivers an ROI of 4,300%. You read that correctly. This is surprising to most, but not to those who are doing it correctly.

The numbers prove that for every $1 spent, email marketing generates $38 in return-on-investment. This means Email marketing still remains the heavyweight champion of the ROI.

The good news is this powerful lead generator is predominantly under-used or misused, so you can really stand out immediately by doing things the right way.

Let’s take a look at how Realtors® can leverage this tool and turn emails into sales.

Even Email Marketing Needs a POSTAL Return Address

First, and most importantly, don’t leave yourself open to unnecessary and expensive fines.

This may seem counterintuitive, but always make sure your business snail mail address is somewhere in the body of the email – generally at the bottom. Otherwise, the FTC can slap you with a fine that would completely destroy your marketing budget for a whole year.

“With each separate email in violation of the CAN-SPAM Act subject to penalties of up to $16,000, there’s a lot at stake if you screw up. For that reason, and for the sake of marketing with integrity, it’s wise to educate yourself—and anyone helping you with your email marketing—about the law,” wrote Forbes Contributor, Nellie Akalp.

Avoiding this can be as simple as adding your business office address or a PO Box to your signature or footer.

You’re in Real Estate, So Provide Real Value!

To make the most of your email campaign, you need to do more than simply talk about all the great work you’re doing, and send out a weekly blast of your current listings.

People need to see you as an expert, not just a salesperson. So take an email marketing campaign as a chance to share tips, trends and helpful anecdotes that will entice your recipients to open your emails AND look for more next week.

Of course, you can share your current listings. But don’t lead with them. Lead with value, and add a link to your listings subtly in the body of the text, or in a soft-sell call-to-action at the end.

Tailor Your Message with Drip Email Marketing

You know you can automate the entire email process. But did you know you can actually automate the cultivation of an entire relationship? You can, with what’s called a drip campaign. Simply put, you’re automatically sending subscribers an email that’s specific to an action they’ve taken.

“For instance, those who visit your site and fill out a form could begin to receive a string of drip emails that slowly but surely nurtures them through your inbound sales funnel,” wrote marketing expert, Matthew Bushery.

“The first email could welcome them to your newsletter, while the second and third could provide an overview of your social media profiles and what you offer on your website.” Infusionsoft offers a great platform that allows you to fully customize email campaigns in exactly this way.

Create a Checklist and Use it

Ideally, lots of people are going to see each email you send. So make sure it’s as good as it can be.

You’re going to proofread the copy. Great! You’re going to use more than just one proofreader and have someone else read it too. Even better! But embarrassing mistakes aren’t limited to typos, so experts recommend a “pre-flight checklist” to look at everything. Most Realtors® don’t do this, and most pay for it in lost leads without even realizing it.

“Those marketers are leaving their program open to simple mistakes — like missing links, missing approvals or using the wrong audience segment — increasing the possibility of needing to send an apology email,” wrote Chad White of

When you implement these four strategies to getting the most out of your email campaigns, you will instantly put your email marketing ahead of most other Realtors®. You’re going to know how to avoid spam fines, provide information that really engages your audience, be more dynamic with a drip campaign, and create a checklist to follow before you hit send. These are the little things that set you up for success in email marketing.

While you’re revisiting your digital advertising, how does your print marketing look? Is it time for new business cards or postcards?  If you need new materials, you can easily create your own design online, and give your branding a quick refresh.

Are You Making These Common Email Marketing Mistakes?

Common Email Mistakes

Email marketing is a great way to reach your customers, especially millennials. Even more, it’s an extremely effective marketing tool, with an amazing return on investment. Recently we talked about how automated email marketing could effectively give you a full-time marketing assistant for $199/mo. It’s amazing what email can do!

However, there are some common mistakes that Realtors® make when they implement email marketing. In order to get the full effect of your marketing efforts, make sure to avoid these five common blunders:

Typos and Grammatical Errors

Nothing looks less professional than an email with typos or grammatical mistakes. Unfortunately, some agents put in errors on purpose because they think it makes the email look less automated and more human! This is a mistake. Remember that your clients are trusting you with one of the biggest financial decisions of their lives. If it looks like your attention to detail is lacking, they will definitely find someone else to help them.

Wrong Property Link

When you’re sending out a lot of emails, it’s tempting to cut and paste quickly to get the work done. Unfortunately, this can result in you sending out a link to the wrong property to a customer or prospect. This is a mistake that will confuse your clients and make you look like you don’t know what you’re doing. Even if you’re serving five clients right now, each one wants to feel like they’re the only one. If you make mistakes with your links, you’ll look disorganized and your customers will likely wonder what other mistakes you’ve made – which is not a good place to be when they’re signing dozens of documents with you.

Sending the Wrong Date or Time

If you are setting up an open house or a showing, triple check to make sure the date and time are both correct. This is especially important when you are dealing with multiple buyers/listings at once. Sending the wrong information results in frustration, wasted time, and a poor customer experience. Clients will NOT think you’re the one to refer others to if this happens! You need to get this right the first time – folks may not read your follow-up email trying to correct your mistake.

Having Wrong Information in the “From” Address

Some email software programs don’t have a great default set for the “From” field of the email. In order for your marketing and outreach to be effective, you want to make sure it’s set to show your name. If it shows your brokerage or some other information, your prospects may simply think it’s spam. Having the “From” field correct is also a way to reinforce your personal brand every time you send a message.

Failure to Personalize

An email that seems like a bulk email isn’t likely to do you any favors. You want to personalize as much as you can. First, start with a greeting that includes their name. If you’re more formal, you can use “Mr. White” instead of “Mark”. But some form of their name is important. Then, be sure the email is going to a targeted list so you can mention specifics of their situation. For instance, “I know you’ve had a frustrating time selling your home,” to an expired listings list. This makes the email feel much more personal to the recipient.

There are many ways in which email marketing can extend your brand, make your outreach and follow-up more consistent, and help you land clients and referrals. When you avoid these five common mistakes of email marketing, you’re positioning yourself for amazing success.


What common mistakes do you see in email marketing? Share in the comments!

How to Have a Full-Time Marketing Assistant for $199/month

Full-Time Marketing Assistant for $199/moThe main reason real estate professionals – and other business owners – don’t follow up on leads is generally simple. They don’t have time.

Certainly, professionals realize how important leads are, and they’d love to drop everything to get in touch right away with everyone who comes in. But they simply can’t! There are showings, listings, presentations, offers, calls… you name it, agents are busy.

I get it.

Why not get a marketing assistant? Immediately agents will tell me, “Oh, that would be nice, but I can’t possibly afford it!” But what if I told you that you could have a full-time marketing assistant for only $199 per month? Would you do it?

Most of you are looking at me warily right now. “What’s the catch?” Nothing can be that inexpensive. Well, you’re partly right. No human being is that inexpensive. But with an automated follow-up email system, you can insert leads and have the program automatically follow up with leads – multiple times – at intervals that you set.

I’ve been using Infusionsoft for 4 years, and it’s revolutionized my business. I had 1166 contacts when I started with Infusionsoft, and today I have 20,000. Revenues have improved 472%. My ROI for my marketing has improved to 4000%. We did it all without increasing headcount or expenses beyond the $199/month subscription fee.

And that’s the honest truth.

It’s like I graduated from Pop Warner football to the NFL overnight. And I want you to have that same success.

Infusionsoft is extremely customizable, allowing you to create a variety of templates for any possible email need. You can build a follow-up campaign – one time – and use it over and over for every new lead. You set up the system once, enter your email text, and let it go.  It’s no different than the time it takes to train a marketing assistant.

For something even better, consider Parsey. By adding Parsey to Infusionsoft, you can take the leads you order from Trulia, Zillow, expired listings, and more, and automatically import them into Infusionsoft. No more data entry! Then, Infusionsoft sends out your follow-up immediately – and you’re the first one to the party. The lead hears from you FIRST!

Parsey offers a free account so you can check it out and is only $50 a month if you find it works for you and want to upgrade. So you can have a full-time marketing assistant with NO data entry for only $249 per month. And you’ll always be the first person the new lead hears from, which is essential when there are many agents getting the same leads.

Don’t just take my word for it, check out this review from another Realtor®:

Parsey Review

This video shares even more:

Can you afford to NOT have a full-time marketing assistant? Can you afford to NOT be the first one your purchased leads hear from? I encourage you strongly to take a look at Infusionsoft and the Parsey integration. It’s revolutionized my business, and I know it can do the same for yours.

Do yourself a favor and check out the demo today! You’ll be blown away. :-)

Disclosure: This post does contain affiliate links, but I would never recommend something I don’t 100% believe in. I want you to have phenomenal success.



Unlocking the Power of Email Automation

Email automation

Email marketing is an incredible tool for relevant outreach when it’s done properly. You can send targeted messages directly to prospects in a way that even social media doesn’t allow. Even better, email marketing done right has a much higher response rate than other forms of marketing.

Best of all, however, is the fact that email marketing can be automated. Using software like Infusionsoft, which we strongly recommend, can take the hard work out of email marketing and allow you to reap the results stress free. Here’s how to unlock the power of email automation.

Segment Your List

To create the most effective, relevant email campaigns, you first need to segment your email marketing list into smaller groups. As a Realtor®, you’re likely to have segments like previous buyers, previous sellers, hot leads, residents of certain neighborhoods, and people who have responded to specific marketing outreaches. You may choose to segment further into those with single-family homes vs. those in multi-unit buildings, or any other groupings you find helpful in your marketing strategy.

Create Email Campaigns

The cornerstone of effective email marketing is multiple-touch outreach. As a result, you need a series of emails that will be directed at your segments. A “Welcome to the Listing Process” email series can be sent to a new listing clients, detailing what’s to come in bite-sized pieces. You can automatically send a questionnaire to new buying clients to get their budget and home specifications. A referral request email series can be sent to both previous buyers and previous sellers, either together or separately. You may choose to have a specific follow-up campaign for those who gave their contact information at a specific open house, or who met you at an outreach event. With your pre-built email campaigns in Infusionsoft, you save an enormous amount of time over sending individual emails to clients and prospects.

Automate Emails Based on Customer Response

One of the most powerful aspects of Infusionsoft is the ability to trigger specific emails or email series to be sent based on your customer’s response. If they schedule an appointment with you, and automatic “Thanks, can’t wait to see you!” style email can be sent. If they submit a request on a listing, you can have an email go out right away with additional information. Then the customer can be tagged as a “hot lead” in your database. All of this can be done without you doing a thing other than setting up the responses and triggers in advance. The power of this type of personalized service is undeniable, and it can be yours without the major time investment that usually goes along with it.

Receive Updates in a Real Time Customer Database

Have you ever daydreamed about the day that a new hot lead would simply pop up in your customer management system without you having to go in and make changes to the profile yourself? With Infusionsoft, that could be your reality. With the real-time tracking of your email recipients’ clicks and opens, you can set the program to label leads based on their actions. You can then send different emails to your hot leads, warm leads, and cold contacts. The rich customer database experience is an amazing boon for a salesperson.

Infusionsoft is an investment, and there is a learning curve. However, once you get the hang of it, you’ll find that creating new email templates, forms, and pages in Infusionsoft is a snap. And the investment will be well worth the tailored marketing outreach you will achieve in a fraction of the time you expect. An investment in email automation is an investment in your success.

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