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Why it Pays to Go Pro with Real Estate Marketing

Professional real estate marketing

Are you trying to save money by printing and designing your own real estate marketing?

If so, STOP!

There are so many great reasons to go pro with your marketing. Here are just a few.

Professional Marketing Shows Your Value

You know how clients are always wondering if you’re worth your commission?

If you don’t use professional marketing for your real estate business, you’re telling them “I’m not worth it!”

Here’s why:

  • Amateur marketing shows you don’t take your business seriously – why should they?
  • Low-budget marketing also shows what they can expect when they list with you – which is a cut-rate effort.
  • No one wants to pay a great commission to a professional who isn’t professional!

Does that sound harsh? If so, I’m sorry, but it’s 100% true.

I once lost out on a key business opportunity because of my unprofessional home-printed business cards. My potential associate just couldn’t take me seriously as a partner. Fortunately, they told me so – and I never made that mistake again.

Stop losing business to cut-rate real estate marketing and go pro!

DIY Real Estate Marketing Looks Bad

Do you think your business cards pass just fine as professional, even if you printed them at home? Or do you think sending them to a place like Staples should work fine?

Quick hint: it doesn’t. Staples considers themselves a copy center, not a printer, and that’s important. They use photo imaging software that is decidedly not for professional print quality jobs. They don’t understand the tech behind design files and are only supposed to print images from .jpg.

And your printer at home? It isn’t designed to handle high-quality paper. In fact, the appropriate thickness for business cards will jam the machine. Besides, you’re not likely to save much money considering how much money print toner costs – especially in full color.

Unfortunately, home-printed cards and marketing materials look home-printed. Folks can tell the difference. Nothing you do at home will make your business cards look like a professional printed them.

With a professional printer, you have access to a variety of printing processes, finishes, and design elements that are not possible with a home computer. Stick with professional cards to build your brand and your credibility!

You’ll Save Time and Money with Professional Printing

In real estate, some clients try to do a FSBO without realizing that they are costing themselves both time and money – in fact, they are likely to end up losing more in terms of sales price than they would have spent on commission.

It’s the same with marketing materials. When you invest in professionally printed business cards, flyers, and more, you’ll spend some money up front. But the time you save will be worth far more than you spent.

In addition, professional materials will allow you to close more deals and spend more time looking for clients. So you’ll end up making far more by investing a bit of money in professional marketing.

Are you ready to get started with professional real estate marketing? We’re here to help. Check out our website for a new customer coupon today. You’ll be glad you did!

Improve Business Productivity: Find Motivation Daily

Find Motivation

Ever have one of those days when you just. don’t. want. to?

Maybe you’ve had a period where there were a LOT of those days?

If so, this article is for you. How do you find motivation in your real estate business day after day, year after year?

Here are some tips to make it easier.

One Step at a Time

The times I’ve had my absolute worst productivity were times when I was trying to do everything at once. Or, I was looking into the future and thinking, “How am I going to do this every day, forever?”

Instead, make it much, much smaller. Take only one day at a time. That’s how our lives happen, and doing something “just for today” is much more manageable. Then, tomorrow, do it just for that day!

Day after day, you’ll be taking the steps you need to succeed.

Find Motivation Through Action

You want a lot of success this summer, right? The perfect busy time for real estate? Then you should be taking action right now.

Because real estate deals take time to materialize, and relationships have to be built, you can’t start in spring and expect to have a great summer. Instead, take steps – even small steps – to move your marketing forward every day this winter.

Send farming postcards. Make connections. Find a winter event to sponsor to get your name out and collect leads.

Taking action brings motivation all by itself. Plus, you’ll know that you’re setting yourself up for a great summer!

Remember Why You’re an Agent

Why are you in this business? Why aren’t you taking customer service phone calls for an insurance company, or working in a cubicle somewhere?

You probably have a lot of reasons. You wanted freedom. You wanted to set your own schedule. You wanted to get out of the office and be able to spend time around town. You wanted to earn more!

All of these reasons are still completely valid, and they can help you find motivation today. Take time to think about them!!

One great quote that helps me keep things in perspective is, “I still remember the days when I prayed for the things I have now.” 

Be grateful for the business you currently have, and think about how you can make it even more of what you want it to be!

Embrace that Repetitive Boredom Pays Off

Motivation is an important way to keep yourself moving, but don’t assume that because you’re not excited you’re not motivated.

Remember, the pay you’re getting now is based on consistent marketing efforts you made months ago. And the pay you’ll get in the future is based on consistently doing what’s needed today.

Not every day will be exciting or even fun. But that’s OK! As long as you can take action consistently, you’ll get the payoff you’re looking for.

So relax. Don’t force yourself to love every minute. Love the dream, love your goals, and take consistent action to get there. That’s motivation!

How do you keep yourself motivated in real estate? Share in the comments!

Low-Tech Real Estate Marketing in a High-Tech World

Low-tech real estate marketing

Is there ever a time when more technology isn’t the answer?

In a word, yes.

Low-tech real estate marketing can be a great way to stand out from the pack when everyone is sending email or Facebook ads.

Other times, technology can get out of hand. And the best way to fight back can be a decidedly low-tech solution – sometimes humorously so!

The Netherlands: Fighting Drones with Eagles

We love using drones as part of real estate marketing, but it turns out the unregulated nature of these devices mean that anyone can fly one, often with a very low chance of being caught.

Anyone. Including bad guys.

How do you fight back? Sometimes with technology, like radio jammers or nets. Unfortunately, those have problems – like missing, causing a heavy drone to fall on someone, or ruining radio transmission for everyone in a large area.

It’s the perfect time to introduce a very intelligent low-tech solution.

Enter Dutch eagles.

Netherland’s police forces are training eagles to identify drones, get them out of the sky, and fly away from public areas.

It’s not an approach without peril, but it can be a very targeted solution to a very tough problem. The Dutch plan to continue training and tests for several months before deciding whether to use the eagles full-time.

Low-Tech Real Estate Marketing: The Way to Stand Out

So what do eagles have to do with real estate marketing?

Very simply, sometimes the low-tech real estate marketing solution is the right answer in the face of increasing technology and distraction.

What are low-tech marketing solutions?

  • Mailing postcards
  • Volunteering
  • Door-to-door pop-bys
  • Chatting with strangers as you both wait in line
  • Anything that stands out from the social media/email masses!

We’re certainly not against email marketing, social media marketing, or other forms of technological outreach. But we believe going low-tech is the way to stand out. 

We often point out that there’s less competition in the mailbox than ever before. The best way to stand out is to have a marketing mix that takes advantage of this fact.

Low-tech real estate marketing takes more time. It can be a little more expensive. But it pays off. People will remember your postcards. They’ll trust you more if they see you in person. And they’ll work with you. 

Ready to Go Low-Tech Today?

Does your marketing mix include consistent farming postcards, pop-bys, and other low-tech options? If not, your business could really benefit from adding those elements.

Don’t be afraid to seem odd by fighting drones with eagles. You’ll get noticed, build relationships, and in the end people will want to work with you!

Let us help you get started. We have all the print marketing you need, and we can also meet with you – for free – to help you create a clear marketing plan.

There’s no reason to wait – get started today!

Is your marketing mix more low-tech or high-tech? Share in the comments!

Save Time in Your Real Estate Business by Outsourcing


Never have enough time in your real estate business? You’re certainly not alone. There never seem to be enough hours in a day, week, or month. You just want to clone yourself!

The good news is, you don’t have to do it all. The bad news is, many real estate agents choose their tasks unwisely.

What do you actually need to focus on, and what can you handle with outsourcing? Find out now.

Be There in Person: When You’re Needed

There are times you need to be present, and things that you absolutely must handle. Beyond the obvious, though, there’s actually a lot you don’t need to have a hand in. Here’s where you’re truly needed.

Live Events

If you’re sponsoring a community event, need to network, or are hosting a live event for your prospects, you need to be there. There’s a lot of work that goes into it, and your face – in person – is what brings it all together.

It doesn’t surprise anyone that live events are a must-do for agents.

Showings and Listing Presentations

Unless you have a strong team with specific listing and buyer’s agents, you need to handle your customers personally. People are hiring you to work with you, and it’s important to be as present as possible.

This doesn’t mean you have to be taken advantage of. And you don’t always need to be face-to-face – phone calls and emails are also great communication. However, your personal touch is the key to how you build your business.

And that’s it!!

Focus on Outsourcing: Mailings, Social Media, and More

Would it surprise you that you can outsource your well-designed marketing plan? If you know what you need to send and when it should be done, you can have someone handle it for you.

In fact, at Printerbees we are able to handle your mailing using your mailing list or Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM®). Your mailing list should be CASS certified, meaning that your addresses are known by the postal service and will be delivered to.

For social media, consider having someone keep your posting consistent while you focus on person-to-person outreach and serving your customers. We enjoy using Socially Posted. They have plans that will allow you stay consistent on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. Instagram is available as well.

You can also use automation to handle email marketing as well. By planning ahead, you can use an email service provider to set up immediate responses to inquiries, regular marketing outreach, and much, much more.

Save Time and Improve Your Income with Outsourcing!

Here’s the bottom line – if you don’t have enough time to do something, it’s not likely to get done. And what does that mean?

It means:

  • Inconsistent marketing mailings
  • Abandoned social media profiles
  • Slow follow-up to inquiries online
  • Missed calls from clients
  • Missed appearances at marketing events

Can you afford that?


Instead, invest strategically in outsourcing. You’ll need a plan, but you don’t have to personally execute every step. Let Printerbees send out the mailings you purchase from us. Let Socially Posted take care of your social media. Get a great email marketing service.

From there, you’ll have more time to handle the things that really matter in your business. You won’t be inconsistent. You’ll make more money because your business will be on track. There’s nothing but winning!

What do you outsource? Share in the comments!

Improve Business Productivity: Eliminate Distractions

Business Productivity - No Distractions

The word we’ve been using at Printerbees a lot lately has been MOMENTUM. We want to help agents build momentum and keep it going throughout 2018.

At this time of year, with the Winter Olympics around the corner, the word MOMENTUM makes me think of bobsledding.

You know how they get started on the icy bobsled track? The team stands outside the sled, takes a huge running start, and then all jump in. From there, it’s just about steering and not losing speed along the way.

I think winter is a PERFECT time to get your real estate business up to speed. If you can get a running start now, by spring and summer you’ll be in the “sled”, steering and not losing momentum!

One Big MOMENTUM Killer: Distractions

When a bobsled team navigates the track, there are many twists and turns. If they don’t handle them correctly, they can lose speed, or worse, get turned over and dumped out of the sled.

In the same way, there are twists and turns daily in your business. If you want your spring and summer to be smooth sailing, you need to be prepared for these. You can start practicing now, and by the time the busy season hits, you’ll be more than ready.

The biggest MOMENTUM killer is distractions. Especially in slower times of year, it’s easy to build up the habit of being distracted. There doesn’t seem to be pressing work to do, so why not play one more round of Candy Crush, or check Facebook one more time?

Unfortunately, these distractions will become habits, and when the busy season does hit, you’ll find it hard to focus on your business productivity.

Boost Business Productivity by Killing Distractions

How do you get rid of distractions? They are so tempting!

One thing to start with is understanding why we get distracted in the first place. There are two main reasons – the fear of missing out (FOMO), and the dopamine hit we get when we see a new message or win a game.

Redirecting FOMO

When it comes to FOMO, it’s all about thinking that other people are doing or saying things that you will miss if you focus on work. It’s why we all obsessively check Facebook and email when we should be doing other things. We are afraid we’ll miss something important!

Instead, think about the things you might miss out on if you don’t make your goals. Do you have a vacation planned, or a fun time coming up this weekend? If you aren’t focused on business, you may miss out on these things – you’ll at least miss out on some of the fun because of the guilt you’ll feel.

Redirect the FOMO to be about what you might miss if you don’t focus on your work during work times. This can help you stay focused and away from other distractions!!

Creating Rewards for Productivity

One of the reasons we’re so tempted to play one more short game or check our messages one more time is that completing a task causes our brains to release dopamine, which gives a sense of gratification and enjoyment.

Instead of pretending that’s not true, work with that urge to boost your MOMENTUM and business productivity. Break your work into small tasks and reward yourself – even with just a small sticker – every time you finish.

In this way, the dopamine and gratification will help you move toward your goals, instead of away from them!

Balance Work and Play

Now, I am certainly not advocating “all work and no play.” Instead, think of it more as “work hard, play hard.” During work time, be totally focused by eliminating distractions. Then your fun time will be wide open and guilt-free!

People who are “workaholics” are unfortunately celebrated in American culture. However, it’s not healthy and does not keep your momentum or success going strong in the long run. Those who work but never play face burn out and grow to hate what they do every day.

Instead, balance work and play! Get your farming postcards ordered for spring, set up a calendar for mailing, and then take a break. Go for a walk, stretch, or get away from your desk for a bit.

Then, come back and refresh your business cards with a new photo and reach out to some prospects online. Just keep taking the next small step toward your success.

Your brain will egg you on as you complete each small task, and by the time the busy season hits, your MOMENTUM will be unstoppable!

How do you boost business productivity and eliminate distractions? Share in the comments!

4 Ways to Approach a FSBO to Win the Listing

Approach a FSBO

As soon as the weather gets warmer, you’re going to see it. Signs listing homes for sale, with the dreaded words “By Owner” in bold.

A FSBO represents a lost opportunity – both for Realtors® and sellers. Of course a real estate agent misses out on the chance to sell a home and build their portfolio and reputation. But the seller loses out too.

Many FSBO homes receive much lower offers than a traditionally marketed one. They aren’t well negotiated, and the lack of expertise regarding paperwork, inspections, and closing can leave the homeowner in a mess.

The question is, how do you approach a FSBO to show them your true value and win the listing?

Make it About the Homeowner

A seller knows that you have something to gain by listing their home. They assume that’s the reason you’re calling. They think you want to make money off of them by getting a commission.

Of course, that’s far from the truth. Using a professional real estate agent is a win-win for you and the homeowner. So when you approach a FSBO, focus on the benefits to the homeowner.

Before you contact anyone, really think: what does a seller gain from dealing with a Realtor®?

  • Less time handling calls and showings
  • A filter to keep “looky loos” from wasting time
  • A better marketing plan to reach ideal buyers
  • A better offering price due to the buyer’s perception of professional representation
  • Better negotiating to avoid lowball offers
  • Much, much more!

Practice Overcoming Objections

Think that roleplaying and practicing scripts is just for rookies? I’ve got news for you – even Roger Federer has a coach!

Professionals continue to work on their skills when they want to succeed at a higher level. So don’t push aside the idea of practicing your FSBO conversations. Whether you’ve been in the business one year or 21 years, you can always work how you approach a FSBO!

Here are some things to practice, preferably live with another person:

  • Your introduction to the conversation – the first impression really matters!
  • Overcoming specific objections
  • Responding to new concerns regarding technology and how “easy” it is to do it yourself
  • Your tone of voice throughout the conversation
  • How you respond when you get frustrated by an obtuse prospect
  • How and when you ask for the sale
  • The best way to wrap up the conversation to avoid the prospect changing their mind

You’re never too good to practice. You can always improve, and it will pay off big time in your business!

Consider Approaching a FSBO Through the Mail

The mail? Surely you should be calling them, to get the quick decision, right?

Not necessarily. A lot of agents will be calling, and sometimes the way to stand out is to use a traditional FSBO postcard.

It’s not like you’re losing a ton of time – the postcard will be there within a day or two if you live locally. But you are gaining an upper hand. Why?

  • You get contact whether or not the prospect answers the phone (or is willing to listen to a phone pitch)
  • There is less competition in the mailbox than anywhere else in real estate marketing
  • You avoid concerns about Do Not Call regulations
  • You stand out simply by being different than those who are only calling

Of course, you can combine FSBO postcards with other marketing outreaches. But using postal mail can be a great way to get attention.

Follow Up Consistently

Careful, I didn’t say “Hound them to death until they hate you.”

Instead, keep an eye on the home and continue to follow up from time to time. Maybe one postcard a month, plus one call a month.

“A month? The listing will be long gone by then!”

Well, if it is, then they managed to sell it! Good for them. I bet they won’t try that again after seeing the hassle and headache.

The truth of the matter is that sometimes it takes a few weeks or a couple months for a FSBO to realize it’s not going to work going alone. While they’re ready for a real estate agent, they probably already have a “Not THAT one” list. And you don’t want to be on it.

Be ready when they realize it isn’t worth the headache and lowball offers. Remind them that buyers who look at FSBOs are already pitching a lower price because they know the seller isn’t paying a commission. And without negotiating skills, the seller is going to lose big time.

Don’t disappear. If you can follow up without being obnoxious, you stand a good chance of winning the listing.

How Do You Approach a FSBO?

Are you someone who avoids FSBOs because they tend to be angry about hearing from so many agents? Do you use FSBO postcards? Or do you have another tried-and-true approach that really works for you?

We’d love to know! Share in the comments now.

One Step to Save You Hundreds on Postcard Marketing

Postcard Marketing

Would you like to save money on your postcard marketing?

Does a bear have hair? Is the Pope Catholic? Of course you would!

I’ve got a little secret that will save you hundreds this year – and bring in the returns you hoped for when you bought the mailings in the first place.

It’s kinda simple. But, folks don’t do it!!


Mail Your Postcards on Time, Every Time!!

When I was in real estate before the 2008 crash, I was always amazed when I walked through my real estate office.

There were piles and piles of unsent postcard marketing sitting everywhere. People would buy farming postcards and never send them. They would buy Just Listed postcards and sell the listing before they got around to the mailing.

It was crazy!

I was successful in real estate, not because I have some special gene or talent, but simply because I made sure my marketing went out on time, every time!!!

How Do You Find the Time?

I get it, it’s hard to find the time for everything in your day. You have multiple marketing outreaches, in-person networking, volunteering, showing homes, listing homes, and much, much more.

How do you find time to make sure your marketing gets out on time? I have two approaches, and both work.

First Approach: Prioritize and Schedule

If I didn’t prioritize and schedule my work every day, nothing would get done. That is NOT an exaggeration! I’m the kind of person who is endlessly distracted with new ideas, new tactics, new people, and on and on.

In many ways, getting less done is far better than getting more thought about. Prioritize your key commitments. Existing clients, marketing for new clients, family, etc. Then, make time for everyone by creating a plan and following through!

If you’re struggling with the idea of having enough time, I highly recommend the book 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think by Laura Vanderkam. It helps you understand how much time you truly have, and it can help you decompress your mind from being constantly stressed.

Second Approach: Outsource

Do you have a team working with you? If so, you can deputize your administrative assistant to ensure that your mailings are done on time.

If you do this within your team, be sure you carefully plan your marketing and mailings so that no one is overwhelmed. You may need to send four farming postcards a year instead of 12, but at least you sent four!

You can also outsource to a printing company that offers mailing services, like, oh, I don’t know, Printerbees!

Sorry to brag on my own company, but we have helped thousands of Realtors® get their mailings printed and sent – often for far cheaper than they could alone!

I’m always excited when we can help you not only plan your marketing, but execute it as well.

Looking for Help With Your Postcard Marketing?

Postcard marketing is most effective when you have a plan and a schedule. Pick up the postcards you need, and then use a mailing list or Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®) to reach your ideal prospects.

If you need to send fewer mailings in order to actually execute on the plan, then do it! But don’t forget to think about how much time you can save by outsourcing as well.

If you’re ready to save hundreds on postcard marketing by stopping the waste and getting them mailed, we’re here to help. Contact Printerbees to find out about our fulfillment services today!

How do you make sure your marketing is sent on time, every time? Share in the comments!

The Easy Way to Maximize Your Farming Postcard Investment

Maximize Your Farming Postcard Investment

Are you excited about reaching your farm area consistently, but wondering if you can afford it? Farming postcards can seem like a big investment, especially if you’re sending monthly.

Another barrier can be a small farm. Sure, it’s economical to buy 1,000 farming postcards, but what if your farm is only 200 folks? What do you do with the rest?

Great news – it’s easy to maximize your farming postcard investment. Here’s how.

Don’t Be Afraid to Repeat!

The simplest tip is perhaps something you didn’t think of – send the same marketing postcards multiple times!

You may think that your recipients will think you are uncreative or cheap. Far from it! Think about common commercials you see. Is every McDonald’s commercial different? How about Coca-Cola?

Nope! They repeat the same set of commercials over and over. Why?

Because repetition is powerful! Consider how long these slogans have been in use:

  • “Got Milk?”, used for 21 years
  • “Just Do It”, used for 26 years
  • “What Happens Here, Stays Here”, used for over 10 years
  • “Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hands”, used for over 60 years

Can you name the brand for each slogan? I bet you can!

Repetition sticks with you, and not in a bad way. It builds up a brand and makes it easier to recognize and remember. Your postcards can do the same thing, and it’s a simple way to maximize your farming postcard investment.

How Much Repetition Will Maximize Your Farming Postcard Investment?

You want to strike a balance between messaging and repetition. One simple way to do this is to buy 1,000 of four different postcard designs.

With four designs, you can rotate. Send a new postcard each month for four months, and then start at the beginning again.

People will learn to recognize your message, your brand, and your postcards. You don’t have to invest in 12 different postcards and have leftovers all over your office. Instead, you can break it up and use all your postcards over time.

Ensure Your Postcards Get Sent!

Of course, no strategy in the world will maximize your farming postcard investment if your postcards aren’t sent! It’s understandable to be busy, but it’s vital to implement your marketing.

If you don’t have the time, don’t worry! One of the services Printerbees offers is mailing!

That’s right, you order your postcards, and give us your mailing list or arrange for Every Door Direct Mail®. We’ll help you make sure your postcards are sent on time, in order, every month.

Don’t spend another month with unsent postcards piled around your office. Choose to repeat a series of farming postcards, and let Printerbees help get them mailed! Contact us today for more information.

How do you maximize your farming postcard investment? Share in the comments!

Facebook Crash: Why You Must Own Your Marketing Platform

Own Your Marketing Platform

Where do you do your real estate marketing? Do you have your own website, or rely entirely on social media platforms?

It may seem like using existing platforms like Facebook, instead of having your own site, is easier and more cost-effective. You don’t have to spend time drawing people away from Facebook, you can just meet them there.

Unfortunately, that’s a very bad idea. We’ve talked before about how important it is to own your real estate marketing home, rather than rent from Facebook or others.

Now the ax has fallen, and folks who don’t own their marketing platform are about to suffer.

What Happened?

Very simply, Facebook changed the rules.

Mark Zuckerberg announced that the news feed in Facebook is going to be completely revamped. It will now prioritize posts by friends and family, and push down posts from publishers and businesses.

Many Facebook users will love this change. But businesses who are solely Facebook-based are going to struggle big time.

Facebook-focused marketing will see a dramatic decline in reach and it will take a lot more money to reach the same people. If you don’t have a balanced source of traffic for your business, you could see your number of leads drop dramatically.

What Can You Do?

If you don’t already own your real estate marketing platform, now is the time. Get set up with a website based on your real estate company. Get a professional email address, update your business cards, and start bringing people to your site!

If you have a website that’s been long-neglected, it’s time to start using it. There are so many great things you can post, including giveaways, recently listed or sold properties, and even a blog.

If you’re really stuck for how to get traffic to your website, consider starting a community information page! They are easy to create using knowledge you already have, and people really need the material you share.

Having a website isn’t the only way to own your marketing platform. You also have yourself! When you go to community events, volunteer, and do drop-bys, you are building your brand and helping people find you as well.

You can also send physical mail, such as farming postcards, to help folks get to know you. Of course, if you can link these back to your website, it’s even better!

Do You Own Your Marketing Platform?

Today, it’s Facebook clamping down on businesses reaching prospective clients. Tomorrow it could be Instagram, Pinterest, or another platform.

We’re not saying not to use social media for marketing! We’re just saying not to build your castle in someone else’s sandbox.

What steps can you take to own your marketing platform? Share in the comments below, and start today!

How to Create Business Cards Prospect Won’t Toss

Create business cards people keep

Do people really use – and keep – business cards anymore?

The answer is YES! But they may not keep all the business cards they receive. It’s vital to think about how you create business cards so they are notable enough to keep.

But I never hear back when I give my card out!” 

We’ll address that issue in another blog post, but for now, just remember that follow-up is almost never a person’s strong suit. Many times, you have to be the one that follows up.

Create Business Cards That Are Useful

How do you get a prospect to actually keep and look at your business card? One way is by making it useful.

Usually, when someone creates a business card, they are thinking about themselves. They want to jam as much information about themselves onto that small space as possible!

I invite you to take a different approach. Instead of thinking just about you and your information, consider the prospect and what they’re interested in too!

The best way to do this in the small space of a business card is to have a call-to-action asking the prospect to visit a website for useful information. You can invite them to enter a drawing, download a free checklist to prepare a home for vacation, and much more.

The prospect will keep the card at least long enough to go online for your freebie – and by then, you’ve captured their email, along with perhaps their mailing address. Then the ball is in your court!

Business Cards Can be Art

There are those who take a purely utilitarian approach to business cards. The attitude is, “It’s just my contact info and a picture. I don’t have time for pretty.”

Ok. Unfortunately, your prospects may not have time to keep your card either.

One way to get your card noticed is to make it visually appealing. Consider a unique layout, design, or color scheme. Consider unusual business card materials. Go with a thicker, high-quality card.

Whatever you can do to really bring visual appeal to your card will impress prospects. Even better, it will help showcase your marketing skills. Who wants to hire a listing agent who is merely utilitarian about marketing?

Showcase Your Marketing Skills with Your Business Card

On that note, create business cards that showcase your marketing genius. Remember, it can feel like real estate agents are “a dime a dozen.” You want to stand out from the pack. One way to do that is to make your business card a showcase.

Think about what you do when you market a home. Hopefully you do more than just put it on the MLS and hope for the best! Maybe you specialize in excellent photography. Make your business card reflect that!

Perhaps you like technology and use online methods for marketing. Be sure your card includes your social media profiles and website so your prospect can take a look at examples.

The possibilities are endless. Whatever listing or property-finding approaches set you apart, find a way to showcase them on the card. And bring it up when you hand the card over! “I really enjoy marketing listings online, you’ll see some creative examples on my website. Be sure to visit!”

A prospect is much more likely to keep a business card that showcases your unique approach.

Are Your Business Cards Keep-Worthy?

Take a look at your own business card. Would you keep it if someone gave it to you? If the answer is no, it’s time to revamp! The good news is that Printerbees can help. We have tons of customizable design templates at great prices.

We can help you put your best self forward, with a business card designed to be kept!

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