9 Signs You Need a Vacation from Real Estate

Need a Break From Real Estate

Happy holidays to you and your family! I decided that since it’s the holidays and everyone is taking a break, it would be a good time for an article that was just plain fun.

Without further ado – 9 signs that you need a vacation from real estate!

You Enter Your Lockbox Code on the Microwave

If you’re so ingrained in real estate that you’re entering the lockbox code on the microwave, remote control, and anything else with numbers – you need a break!

You Automatically Figure 3% of any Dollar Amount You See

Obviously your commission is important, and being able to figure it out in your head is great. But if you’re automatically figuring out 3% of every number you see – take a day off!

Receipts are Taking Over Life

Write-offs are awesome, there’s no doubt about it. But when you start saving and filing your receipt for the bag of chips you bought at the gas station, you might consider stepping back for a day or two.

You Can’t Find Photos of Your Kids/Pets

You pull out your phone to show off your kids or pets, and you’re scrolling through dozens of listing photos, just sold photos, the photo of the happy client for the testimonial… wait, you’ll find it…. When you do, consider a breather from real estate for a day or two.

You Drive to a Listing Instead of Driving Home

If your autopilot no longer takes you home, it’s a good sign that you need some time off to regroup, refocus, and reprogram. Ditto if you look for a lockbox only to realize you’re at your own house.

You Haven’t Your Passenger Seat in a Month

If your passenger seat is a clutter of papers, pens, Subway wrappers, farming postcards to mail, and long lost French fries, then you’re a normal Realtor®. But if it’s been a month or more since you’ve seen upholstery, you might consider a break.

You Answer the Phone in Business Mode… Always

If you’ve recently confused your mom by asking her what property she was calling about, it’s time to unplug for a few days.

Your BFF is a Title Rep or Loan Officer

If you talk to your reps more than your spouse or kids, it’s time for a few days off. Step back and reconnect with those other people in your life.

You Have an Anxiety Attack When You See Zillow or Quicken Rocket Loan Commercials

Enough said. Although a vacation may not entirely solve this one.