9 Common Business Card Marketing Blunders

The most common blunders with business card marketing…”business card marketing”? Sounds funny, but your business card is your most important marketing piece and the most cost effective when you consider the cost per business card and how easy it is to distribute them.

The most common business card blunders:

1. Throwing everything on your card, but the kitchen sink! The people you hand your card to don’t need every phone number you have, three different email addresses or several different web addresses (unless it’s the baby sitter of course!). Simplicity is best, less is more, looks so much better and is so much more professional. Keep your business card simple, with no more than an office phone, a mobile phone and a fax. Adding more information is not only confusing, but it looks desperate.

2. Having a business card that blends in with all the others. If your business card was in a stack of 50 cards, could YOU easily identify it? If you can’t, neither will the person you give it to, after all it is your card. Adding color with todays digital printing processes make it limitless and cost effective. It’s okay to add color to your business cards, it won’t cost you extra.

3. A business card is a mini billboard that should not only include your contact information, but also some indication of what it is you do. Might be part of the logo, maybe it is words, it could be your title, it could be a slogan…whatever it is, make sure it’s there and leaves no question to your profession.

4. Thinking people won’t notice you printed your business cards on your home inkjet printer with Avery Business Card templates. Trust me, they notice! Many many years ago and long before digital printing, I couldn’t afford to have business cards printed. I printed someup at home and I thought they looked pretty good…Until I was “called out on it” during a sales call. I lost a huge opportunity for my small business by not having my cards professionally printed. He didn’t take me serious, because I didn’t take ME serious enough to have my business cards professionally printed. - Printer Ink, Toner, & More!5. Not having a website listed on your business card leaves people wondering. It is the year 2011 and I read today that the first web page was launched 20 YEARS ago. It’s time to get with the times, show your serious about your business and create some sort of web presence. It’s hard to take a business serious in this day and age if there is no website. How committed can your really be if you have no website?

6. No email address? Really? I don’t mean to be condescending at all, but “really”, in this day and age? I’ve seen it in our on line printing business, business cards with no email address. It’s hard to accept as professional with so many free email applications available like Yahoo! And Google’s GMail. It was just within the last couple of years that my Farmers Insurance Agent FINALLY got email! I thought it was soooo very strange and archaic that I couldn’t communicate with him via email. It’s just not normal in this day and age, it’s strange.

I, within the last year was handed a business card for a computer repair person with no email address on it! It’s difficult to take that person seriously, especially when you consider the line of work.

7.  No Social Media Information on your card. If you are socially networked and use social media as a business channel, it better be on your card! The backside of your card, go back and read number one if you need explanation.

8. QR Code missing from the card. If you aren’t familiar with QR Codes, read about QR Codes here. QR Codes are here to stay and will become part of your routine at some point in the near future. My personal preference is to have the QR Code on the back of the business card, so it can be large and easily scanned. QR Codes are totally free, totally flexible and the fastest way into someone’s contact list, listed with the information you feel is important they have. See samples of QR Code business cards here, they’re really cool! Generate your own QR Code here.

9. Having Vista Print’s name printed on YOUR business cards. One word…Tacky. Pretty much anyone who has been on the Internet knows of Vista Print and the cheap on line printing they offer. Vista Print isn’t thought of as quality printing, its associated with cheap printing which you have associated yourself with if their name is printed on your card. There aren’t many people out there who don’t know when the business cards say Vista Print on them, you got 250 business cards that were free, so Vista Print could get some additional marketing on YOUR card. Vista print is good at what Vista Print does, they must be or they wouldn’t be so big. It’s still super tacky to have their name on your “free business cards”.

As the owner of a printing company, I have seen many interesting me on this.




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