5 Ways to Generate New Leads This Fall

Fall Marketing for Realtors

In many parts of the country, leaves are changing and weather is getting chillier. This transition means that we’re getting ready to leave behind the summer busyness and move into a new season. Many Realtors® find winter to be an extremely slow season, so it’s important to take advantage of the fall to get new leads. Here are five ideas you can use.

Feed Off Sports Mania

Depending on where you live, you may be moving into one of the most active sports seasons of the year. Americans around the country love football, and in some areas of the country college football is almost a religion. Feed off of this sports enthusiasm to generate leads. Buy a couple of tickets to a local, popular game – maybe a rivalry game – and do a free drawing for winners. The only condition is that people fill out their name, address, and phone number to enter.

Then, once you have dozens and dozens of new leads, be sure to follow up!! If you follow up in a timely manner, you’ll still be fresh in their minds and they’ll be more receptive to what you have to say. You can call or visit these leads, and ask them whether they are looking to buy or sell, or know someone who is.

Sponsor a Food Drive

As you come near Thanksgiving and the other holidays, people begin to think more about the less fortunate around us. This is a great time to do a fall food drive at your office or in partnership with a local food bank or community center. You can hand out your cards, or even do a drawing at the time you accept the donations.

If you simply hand out cards, give folks a reason to follow up. You can tell them there are free resources to download on your site (in exchange for their information, of course). In fact, you can even use your smart phone to get their information and email them the freebie on the spot!!

Visit Garage Sales

Throughout the summer and fall, visiting garage sales can help you connect with homeowners as they prepare to move. This is a great way to get leads. If they already have an agent, you may be able to bring buyers and get part of the sale.

Even if you find that the homeowners are just organizing or trying to get rid of extra belongings, you can start a relationship that could lead to business or referrals down the road. Having an online freebie available about organizing or decorating your home can help you get their contact information right away, even if they’re not moving right now.

Hold a Fall Party

People love parties, and fall is a really fun time to have one. Whether you choose to have bobbing for apples and pumpkin bars or have a costume party around Halloween, a fall party is a great way to bring your neighborhood together and build your brand.

As you mix through the party, strike up conversations and get to know your target market. It’s a great low-pressure way to build relationships, and you may discover some folks getting ready to sell before winter hits.

Use Holidays as Ways to Connect

Between daylight savings, Veteran’s Day, Halloween, and Thanksgiving, there are a lot of fall holidays that give you a reason to reach out to your prospects. If you have a neighborhood that you farm, consider sending seasonal postcards once or twice this fall to get your name in their mind. (If you don’t have a farm, this is a good time to start!!)

When you send out farming postcards, seasonal mailers, or email relevant community information, you’re building your credibility as an expert on the area while also keep your name in front of prospects. Again, a giveaway or raffle slip included in the mailing is a great way to encourage people to send you more information and build a connection.

Fall marks a transition into the real estate off-season, but that doesn’t mean you should curtail your efforts. Instead, focus on getting those buyers and sellers who are looking to move before bad weather hits, and take time to build up your farm and your email nurture lists so you can stay in touch this winter.

How do you use fall to get extra leads? Share in the comments!