16 Great Tips for Realtors Using Periscope

Periscope for Realtors

The previous post about using Periscope as a safer, more efficient technique for open houses generated a lot of buzz! Due to the interest, I wanted to follow up with a post outlining some tips and tricks for Realtors® using Periscope.

Things to Do

  • DO keep location turned on during your real estate scope. This will tell people where the home is located, and will allow you to be found by people searching a specific city or area.
  • DO use emojis. Emojis are small cartoon-like icons that demonstrate emotion or playful actions. This will help you be more relatable to your clients, and home-shaped emojis will also help you stand out as a Realtor®!
  • DO just jump in and do it! You’ll learn something new every time. Folks are scoping all kinds of random things, so don’t be shy!
  • DO plan a descriptive and catchy title. The title will bring people in.
  • DO announce who you are and what you plan to talk about in the beginning. Then, every few minutes, do a quick recap for folks who may have just joined.
  • DO answer common real estate questions. Do a Q&A scope, or cover a specific topic!
  • DO be an early adopter. If you get in now, you can be one of the key real estate experts.
  • DO schedule a private scope with one or two people to try it out and test features. Then, when you do your first public one, you’ll be ready!

If you want a test buddy, let me know! I’m happy to help you. I’m @NadineLarder.

Things NOT to Do

  • DO NOT scope and drive. If you see someone else doing so, exit the scope to discourage them.
  • DON’T ignore questions or comments. You’re there to interact! You can, however, say that you’re going to share and then take questions/comments at the end.
  • DON’T interrupt your sentence to answer a question or comment. It’s frustrating for those listening to your content.
  • DON’T use more than one hashtag. Your scope will have #Periscope added automatically, so by using an additional hashtag, you will end up with two. Any more than that looks cluttered.
  • DON’T think you need perfect hair and makeup and a practiced script. Know what you want to talk about, but be natural about it.
  • DON’T be afraid to block trolls. Some folks will make dumb or inappropriate comments. Tap on their name, tap on “block”, and move on.
  • DON’T have your camera below eye level. Folks don’t want to see up your nose. It’s best to hold the camera level with your face and look into the camera hole, so it looks like you’re making eye contact.
  • DON’T forget a call-to-action. Tell folks where they can find you online, on Facebook, and on Twitter. Offer a free download on your website so you can build your email list!

Periscope is a new world, and everyone using it is a newbie. It’s a great time to jump in, establish yourself as a real estate expert, and learn how to make great use of this platform. You’ll be learning right along with the rest of us!

If you have additional ideas about using Periscope for real estate, please let me know! On Twitter and Periscope, I’m @NadineLarder. I’d love to connect and follow you as well!

What questions do you have about using Periscope for real estate? Share in the comments!