Words to Ban from Your Real Estate Marketing
Why Farming is Essential in Real Estate
Marketing Mix for Real Estate
Lead Generation This Fall
Unique Marketing is Overrated
5 Things Successful Realtors Do Daily

If You Build It, Will They Come?

If You Build It Will They Come?

Are you frustrated because you feel like you deserve more business? After all, you’re putting in all the work. You’re building your skills. You have a website. You belong to a great brokerage. Why aren’t people flocking to you? Very simply, it’s because you haven’t told them too.  “Building it” isn’t enough. You have to…

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One Easy Tool for Getting Real Estate Clients

Landing Pages for Real Estate

A big portion of online marketing is related to getting visitors to your website. When you use social media, you don’t control the rules of what you can say or promote. So, instead, savvy Realtors® focus on using social media to bring prospects to their website.

Developing the Right Mindset About Real Estate Marketing

Mindset for Real Estate Marketing

If you had to answer this one-question quiz, where would you fall?

My thoughts about marketing my real estate business are:

A) Ugh, really? Why can’t I just sell homes?
B) Gotta do it. When it’s out of the way, I can get to the stuff I love more.
C) Marketing is my core focus. It’s how I live my dream!

How to Keep Up with Social Media

Keep Up With Social Media

This post may contain affiliate links. We truly love, use, and recommend the best! Recently I posted about how incredible Facebook Live can be for real estate. I am so grateful for all the responses we got! It did bring up a common question, though. “How do you keep up with all the social media…

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Generational Marketing in Real Estate

Generational Marketing

Do you know who your best clients are? What generation do they belong to? This is an important question because different generations have different ideas about success, money, communication, social media, and more. If you are targeting Baby Boomers, you will need to market much differently than targeting a Millennial. When you understand the distinctions…

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Using Facebook Live for Real Estate Marketing

Facebook Live for Real Estate Marketing

Social media is an incredible resource for Realtors®, and Facebook is one of the best. Not only can you run highly focused, targeted ads, but you can also post videos, GIFs, photographs, and more. Using Facebook Live is another amazing marketing avenue. People love watching live video, and the video stays on Facebook even after…

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3 Essentials of Marketing Real Estate Listings

Essentials of Marketing Listings

With summer in full swing, marketing listings is top-of-mind for many Realtors®. Listings are the core of many agents’ businesses, and it’s always useful to make sure you’re covering the essentials. You want to move well beyond the “Put up a sign, put it in the MLS, and pray” strategy. Here are three essentials that…

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Are Branded Product Giveaways Effective?

Free Giveaways Are Effective

As a Realtor®, you probably have heard that giving away branded freebies is a way to extend your reach and build your brand. However, you might be skeptical. Just because someone has an item lying around their house with your name on it doesn’t mean they will call you… Does it? Actually, there’s a reason…

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Are you Talking AT Your Prospects or WITH Them?

Talking At vs Talking With

In my recent post about reaching out to your circle of influence, someone left a great comment about the importance of talking with people instead of at them. That got my juices flowing because I think far too much marketing in every industry is aimed at people. When you talk at people, they feel overwhelmed…

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What Realtors® Can Learn About Marketing from Amazon

Marketing Secrets from Amazon

The story of how quickly Amazon gained traction and disrupted almost every industry is nothing short of incredible. The retail heavyweight was founded in 1994 as an online bookstore. Later it added DVDs, CDs, software, and eventually, everything else too. Today 64% of American households are Amazon Prime members and Amazon brought in $136 Billion…

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