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The Importance of a Real Estate Marketing Calendar

Real Estate Marketing Calendar

Is your real estate marketing sporadic, or is it consistent and predictable? If you’re like many busy Realtors, you have to admit it’s not as consistent as you would like. You have great intentions. But you buy postcards and then don’t send them, and it seems like such a waste of money. You start a…

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How to Generate Leads from Your Real Estate Website

Real Estate Websites

Everyone in real estate understands how important it is to generate leads. Without new leads you have no one to pitch your services to, which means no buyers or sellers and no money. There are dozens of ways to generate leads. Some Realtors® do cold calling, many farm neighborhoods with print marketing, and others do…

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Instagram for Real Estate Just Got Even Better!

Instagram for Real Estate

As you know, here at Printerbees we are all about helping you make your real estate marketing effective. We specialize in print marketing, and we know that a really great marketing strategies ties print marketing and digital marketing together into a whole. One of our favorite digital platforms we encourage Realtors® to use is Instagram….

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5 Reasons Smart People Sell Their Homes in Winter

Winter Real Estate Marketing

If you’re like a lot of Realtors® and homeowners, you think winter is the worst time of year to sell a home. It’s cold, the weather can be bad, trees and yards are barren… who wants to sell a home in the winter? I’ll tell you – savvy and smart Realtors® and homeowners. Here are…

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Is Print Marketing in Real Estate Still Effective?

Print Marketing for Real Estate

In today’s digital world, it can be tempting to write off real estate print marketing and other “old school” farming and outreach tactics as being outdated. Surely everyone wants to receive things via email and text these days, right? And social media is surely the best way to reach your audience? Actually, no. Now, we’re…

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Is It Time to Focus on Expired Listings?

Focus on Expired Listings

While many sources continue to talk about scarcity and rising prices, in many areas the housing market is softening. Trulia found that 70% of the largest metro areas saw a slight increase in for-sale listings with a price decrease. San Francisco had the most, with a 3.07% increase in price reductions, even though the city…

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3 Ways to Build Relationships with Client Appreciation

Client Appreciation

Realtors® know that their relationship with clients doesn’t end when the deal is closed. It’s vital to build and maintain relationships with clients so that you can get consistent referrals and gain online reviews to build your business. There are a lot of ways to show appreciation to your clients. Here are just a few…

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Transform Your Real Estate Marketing with Facebook Ads

Transform Real Estate Marketing with Facebook Ads

Are you using Facebook ads to their full potential? If you’re like 75% of respondents in a 2015 Inman survey, the answer is no. That’s very unfortunate, because the leads you get from Facebook can be some of the best leads you get anywhere. They are highly targeted and, when done well, ready to buy….

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How to Make Social Media for Real Estate Easier

Make Real Estate Social Media Easier

Using social media for real estate can be a challenge. Not only is it hard to find the time, it’s also hard to know what to post. Even if you do log in to social media with some good ideas, you can easily get sucked into the time-killing games, responding to friends’ posts, and more….

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Winning Real Estate Clients Outside the Portals

Winning Clients Outside Portals

There’s nothing wrong with real estate portals, but it’s a pain if that’s the only way you can generate leads. You end up tied-in to playing the game their way, at their prices. The reality is if you focus on building long-term relationships and reputation both online and offline you can win real estate clients outside…

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